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May 8, 2017

Talent Management Evolves to Talent Activation with Newly Unveiled SilkRoad Activate

By Kelly Carmody

Today from its 2017 Connections user conference, SilkRoad (, a global leader in Talent Activation, unveiled its innovative technology, SilkRoad Activate which evolves Talent Management to Talent Activation. The first commercially available HR technology to truly activate employees for better business outcomes, SilkRoad Activate is an engagement platform delivering targeted experiences by employee role or type, enabling organizations to move beyond traditional talent management to deliver personalized talent journeys for each member of the complex modern workforce.

SilkRoad Activate powers strategic talent activation which goes beyond the limitations of traditional talent management to deliver continuous personalized experiences to employees, HR and managers where they work rather than through silos of technology.

“SilkRoad Activate enables workforces to contribute to their organizations in more meaningful ways, breaking down HR silos that prevented employee engagement,” said Kamran Kheirolomoom, president, SilkRoad. “By rethinking the way workforces engage with organizations and delivering an experience custom tailored to the individual, SilkRoad Activate enables full-fledged talent activation to improve business outcomes.”

See full announcement to learn more about SilkRoad Activate.

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