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Mar 21, 2017

Customer Success: GE delivers a welcoming new hire journey in any language

By Michael Powers

Creating a consistent and welcoming new hire experience is a challenge, especially for a complex global enterprise like GE. Their HR leadership set out with the objective of delivering a unified global experience for new hires across 63 countries, in 20 languages.

GE partnered with SilkRoad to create GE Hire, a global onboarding solution that ensures all new employees are excited to join, engaged on social media, and have completed the necessary tasks. GE Hire provides an inclusive and welcoming new hire journey in any language, creating a clear path to employee success.

SilkRoad’s analytics capabilities align well with GE’s data-driven culture. “SilkRoad enables us to establish a measurable baseline of new hire success, while creating meaningful journeys in local languages to support our mission as a global company.”

The payoff has been substantial. In addition to dramatically streamlining the new hire experience, GE Hire will save the company $6.5 million over three years, while reducing administrative time by 50 minutes for each new hire.

To learn more about how GE ensures legal compliance and engages new employees on social media before day 1 as part of their onboarding strategy, click here. You can also check out the Ultimate Guide to Onboarding and Employee Transitions.

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