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Feb 8, 2017

5 Reasons to Attend the Healthcare Onboarding Symposium at Cleveland Clinic

By Kelly Carmody

To provide the best patient care, it’s critical for a healthcare organization to prepare new hires. Part of that preparation is paperwork, security, and compliance. But today’s new hire experience needs to go beyond the basics, creating an experience that motivates and aligns employees, contract workers and even volunteers to the organization’s mission and vision. A dynamic experience helps you both retain those specialized hires and enable them to do their best.

SilkRoad, in partnership with Cleveland Clinic, is hosting an amazing two-day event around sharing onboarding best practices within the healthcare industry.

The value of this two-day symposium? Check out the 5 reasons to register today:

  • Educational sessions – full of practical ideas and actionable insights
  • Strategic discussions – learn how others in the healthcare industry leverage their onboarding process for different roles, locations, and departments
  • Tour Cleveland Clinic – Campus Overview, Cleveland Clinic history lesson, AGV’s (robots), Miller Patient Room, & Heliport
  • Attend a networking dinner in Downtown Cleveland
  • HRCI/SHRM credit – 3+ hours planned

We hope you’ll join us for a Healthcare Onboarding Symposium at Cleveland Clinic, February 22-23. We’ll be talking about how to onboard non-employees, employees, and physicians with presentations from Cleveland Clinic and McLeod Health.

For more information and to register, click here.

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