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Dec 18, 2012

Where are candidates looking for jobs?

By Jaclyn Branch

Ever been confused by the sheer number of job boards and job sites out there?  Where are candidates looking for jobs?  Where should you be spending your recruiting dollars?  To give us a bit of insight, we did some research and have laid out the top 5 job boards based on monthly unique visitors in a cool, new infographic.  Before diving into the graphic, check out a few highlights below that you might find surprising:
  • Looking for recent college grads? Try LinkedIn: The majority of LinkedIn users are college educated (50%) with household incomes of less than $50K.
  • Indeed, CareerBuilder and Glass Door are best for sourcing mid-level managers: With a majority of users across all three sites holding a bachelors or graduate degrees, and household incomes evenly split between $50-$100K and $100-$150K, these sites are ripe with mid-level managers looking to catapult their careers.
  • Looking to build your global workforce? Try Craigslist and LinkedIn: With 50 million daily inquires worldwide and 103.5 global monthly unique visitors respectively, these two sites are ripe with globe-trotting talent!


Much of where candidates look and where organizations post jobs depends on the job itself but that aside, what do you feel are the most valuable job boards/sites and why?

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