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Jun 16, 2010

Career Change? Listen to Tony Danza.

By Ginger Nixon

My morning routine goes something like this: alarm clock goes off 40-ish minutes before I actually intend to get out of bed. Husband gets up sometime while I am still hitting snooze and turns on the Today Show. I commence dreaming about all the crazy things reported on the Today Show, such as being held captive by pirates with Ann Curry, crashing the White House State Dinner with Meredith Viera and day-tripping around the world with Matt Lauer.

Tuesday morning I heard, through my dreams, something about Tony Danza teaching English! “He always wanted to be an English teacher,” reported the Today Show. This intrigued me so I made a point to actually wake up. (Of course I was practically out the door by the time they actually ran the story, but that is beside the point.) I was thinking all sorts of things. I mean, wow! Here Tony Danza isn’t acting anymore, and he’s always wanted to be a teacher, and he actually goes for it! How awesome. I immediately thought this would make a great blog post about changing careers, and doing something you are passionate about.

Laurie R. just posted a blog post on Punk Rock HR (you should read the comments too – there is some good advice) about a friend of hers that has been a successful HR professional for 20 years and he’s changing careers. Is he burnt out? Has he made a comfortable enough future for himself after 20 years, that he can pursue a passion? Who knows. He hasn’t been lad off, but that’s the reason many people are changing careers right now.

What a wonderful example Tony Danza would be to those who are facing a difficult decision in their career path.

Okay, okay – you can all let me have it. I know I shouldn’t have been so naïve, but in my defense, it WAS 6:30 in the morning. Well, you know what Tony Danza? I am STILL going to use you as an example!

If you are burnt out on your current job…if you made a nice savings for yourself and want to pursue a different dream…if you have been laid off and don’t know where to go…if you are too old to box, and you are not getting any more casting calls…get on a reality TV show!

Geesh. But seriously – if you are facing a career change, rather by choice or not, consider what you are passionate about and make a plan to incorporate that into your new career. It might be a slow progression. It might start as a hobby, volunteering or going back to school – but that’s okay!

And Tony Danza – it sounds like you didn’t do a half-bad job. And was my research correct? Do you have a degree in history education? Be a teacher, Dude!

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